Support TRIO Funding for FY2018

Good Afternoon First-Generation Advocates,

Last week AEEE members shared a transformative time together developing professionally in San Juan.  The membership voiced their desire to be more involved and receive updates on advocacy efforts.  Today we received correspondence from the Council for Opportunity in Education urging us to contact our Senators to urge them to sign the attached FY18 Appropriations Request Letter.  We celebrated earlier in the month when we found out about the $50 million dollar increase in TRIO funding, but there has been chatter that the President’s detailed budget that will be released within the next week or so will keep the proposed funding level introduced in the March “Skinny Budget”.  This would represent a whopping $142 million dollar decrease from FY17 if we don’t take action.  

ADVOCACY IS IMPORTANT! Find out how to advocate for TRIO funding here!!

In Other News..

Dr. Byrd-Johnson, Interim Deputy Assistant Secretary for Higher Education Programs and Director of Student Service for the U.S. Department of Education, spoke on Tuesday afternoon to the COE Board of Directors.  The Upward Bound slate is still in clearance and her hope is that it will be to congressional offices this week.  Those who have program specific questions should reach out to COE if you are institutional members.  If you are not a member please consider joining because membership has proven beneficial.  ED is wrapping up the UBMS reading process and they hope to have the first slate out by August 2.  McNair is the reading process.  The final VUB application should be out by the end of next week.  Both McNair and VUB’s first slate will also be out the beginning of August.

Grant Award Notifications most likely will not come out until August.  Upward Bound awards will be awarded at level funding and then they will receive sometime this summer a supplemental award when ED decides how to allocate the $50 million appropriation. The stated information was provided by the Council for Opportunity in Education

We must continue to focus on the issues of importance to first-generation, low-income, disabled, and veteran students. I would like to ask each of you to join this current advocacy effort requesting an increase in federal TRIO funding as well as other forms of support for 1st generation and/or low income students.  There’s power in numbers so let’s join forces to encourage our members of the Senate to sign the letter.  Please send the request from a private email address to make sure there is not a perception of lobbying on the federal dime. Let’s  continue to demonstrate our passion as advocates and promote passion in others.  Let’s also watch the news so we can remain informed about what’s going on down in DC.  Thank you for your time and I hope to see you soon.   

In Solidarity,

Woodrow Lewis Jr., President,  Association for Equality and Excellence in Education (AEEE)

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